Larry Nichols is Tougher Than You Think

A few week’s ago, George Webb’s despicable and malicious brother published a completely false story claiming Larry Nichols had died. As with virtually everything those guys say, I knew they were lying. I have been in touch with Larry and his family and have been tracking his recovery since he left the show. Today Larry was feeling well enough to record this brief message and give us an update on his recovery and some brief commentary on the state of the country.

If you dislike it when I speak about George Webb and his associates being liars and social engineers, you should tune out, unsubscribe and stop writing to me. I will not stop exposing them for the liars they are. Many social media personalities who are trusted by the undiscerning are malicious, untrustworthy, deceptive dregs and we are out of time to humor these losers.

Help Larry through this difficult time if you are able:

visit and use [email protected] to support Larry

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