What about Ad Free ... for Free?

I have been running a test of an Ad Free feature in my Ghost apps for the past two months and the results are very interesting.  First of all I bypassed Apple's 30% fee by not using an in-app purchase model.  Instead users qualify for AdFree by watching a 30 second Reward Ad.

This resulted in a rejection of one of my apps for not submitting the in-app purchase, which proves that the reviewer didn't really look at the feature at all.  (I save all of my conversations about app rejections now because I think they may come in handy down the road, and because most are so absurd that I don't think people would believe me.)  This one was resolved by pointing out that the feature was not an in-app purchase.

The reason for the 30 second Reward Ad is simple, it pays at least 4x what a normal ad pays and the user doesn't have to leave the app.  So instead of $0.002 per add tap, I get $0.008 and the user gets ad-free for one month.  I did this because I get a few hundred downloads per day so if all of my users did this we would all be happy.

Oddly enough, even with the feature being free, I still only get a small number of users taking advantage of it.  In fact, for Ghost SLS, I made it a prominent button on the screen and it still is a feature that most users avoid.  The other thing I found odd was that none of the users that do discover this feature tell the other users about it.

I may add a value to my web socket so I can see if a user is running ad-free or not.  I'm curious to see if my power users are the ones that discovered it or if it is a different set of users.

Anyway, have a great weekend!