Affiliate Marketing Conclusions

 Affiliate marketing also seems to be a complete fail.  Nearly all of my affiliate programs from Fast Fashion dropped me without any notice so my links to their products were no longer working.  Because of that I pulled the app from the store.  I may reuse the interface at some point but for now it’s scrapped.

 For the GhostStop I have delivered 14,254 visitors and earned $1 in commission.  I’ll put that on them for not closing the deal when I send someone over, but I’m still leaving their content in my apps because I think it is relevant to what my users are interested in, and they haven’t dropped me from the program.

 I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t make the eBay app work, that would have been a nice idea.  Generating thousands of apps for eBay categories would have been nice.  I don’t think it would have become a massive sales generator but it would have been nice to see how that idea performed.  It’s irritating when AppStore Review shuts you down without giving you a chance.  It’s even more irritating that you have to put in some time and effort to get to the point of App Review before they notify you that you’ve wasted your time.