Getting goofy in the AppStore

 With auto-update nobody reads the update messages, I know I never have.  For Animal Analysis I did my best to follow a storyline in my updates with characters, scientists and their crazy antics.  If someone gave a bad review, my reply would talk about how one of the characters was fired for, “saying gerbils were not animals” or some other goofy reason.  It was an attempt at adding humor to a silly application in a serious AppStore.

 Like I said earlier, the review section is the User’s space and you shouldn’t try to interact, just read and update as needed.  I got a review today for Animal Analysis along with an email from the same user saying that they downloaded the app and got nothing but a black screen.  It never asked for camera permissions according to them and there was no way for them to enable camera permissions.  Clearly you can’t get approval to release an app in the App Store if you have any of those issues in your app.

 Speaking of Animal Analysis, I’m going to go set up that update and add a humorous line to the update info box from my characters and request that users please give a review saying “Hi” to … “Bridget” because she’s new to the team.  This is a humorous test because I’m almost 100% sure that nobody will do this, but if they do I may need to rethink my entire approach to that update info box.