I will say that updating 12 apps like this is taking a LONG time, specifically because the versioning and uploading through the Xcode Organizer is such a pain.  Once this is complete I’m going to spend some time setting up Fastlane for each app so I can just start a command line process once my update is complete.  If you haven’t used Fastlane you should look into it, it's a nice tool.  I’m also tempted to set up Jenkins so I can just commit my code in git and have everything else just happen.

 The missing piece in the entire CI process for the Apple eco system is the ability to set pricing, create versions and submit builds from the AppStore mobile app.  If that was available you could set up some tools like Jenkins, Fastlane, some command line scripts to push your code to a remote backup, and simply open up the app to tap out the rest.

 Not to mention that the only thing slowing me down in adding all of these tools is the fact that the 50 GB left in my 500 GB drive can vanish quickly and unexpectedly, and often does.  I believe the issue is related to TimeMachine but adding in new automated tools should probably be done on a Mac Mini that I can hide in a closet or something.  Otherwise I risk filling up my drive without knowing why, which is entirely frustrating.

 Ha ha ha, I just searched ‘reduce storage in git’ just to see if I could gain more space and Safari crashed.  My machine is determined to stop me from solving this issue.