Sad Song

Verse 1
My hood just like a wasteland 
Cant feel you face man
People abased in sin 
Sinking like quicksand
Inundated with lies 
Covered with garbage
Not knowing there's a judge 
Watching the lawless 
Pipe dreams 
Sold through radio and TV
Young ones 
Trying to become pimps and B-G's
Modern day minstrel shows 
Look at the garments
All these rap artist
Looking dumb and retarded
If I hear another cat spitting bout moving snow 
Catch another jiggaboo themed music video
Might just flash go on the set and spit real
Not just words 
ideas indeed do kill
Acted out
Real life that's why I grip mikes
Reveal the Christ 
Taking back your life 
From the enemy
Only possess one remedy
Turn away from lies 
You will live to see infinity
This is not another sad song
Not just another sad song
This is not another sad song
Nah Uh
Not just another sad song
Verse 2
Without the lords intervention 
I’d be lost and missing
Sinking to destruction
Wouldn't know how to function 
Perpetrating vacillating
Waiting for your validation
I don't think they like me
Really that's the bait of Satan
Could care less whether you feel my music
Raising up a movement
Time will prove it
See the crowd grooving
Moving soothing 
That bring the godly influence
New kid 
Bringing  in a reformation 
My apologies that I left you waiting
Had to take some tests and examinations
Or would have suffered ill type ramifications 
Of not having character that matches my talent
Had to be purged so I sat in silence
Took correction
Now I'm here with papers
Serving notice you can have a Savior
Reverse the curse
Put your life in order 
Come and have a drink from the living water
Repeat Chorus 
Verse 3
Nickle plated mouthpiece
Watch the crowd freeze
Throw they hands up
Hit the floor so astounding
Back to the elements
Hip-Hop was relevant 
Had an influence 
Demonstrated intelligence
Now for Dead Presidents 
show they backside
Yall rhyme schemes played 
Coming from foul minds
Luminary of truth
Hence the realness
All around the world  
They hungry and feel it
Pumping through they bloodstream
Serving only one King
Never be ashamed of the truth  
I'd be a dummy
River of the living one
Coming to deluge infuse 
Old things pass away your brand new
shoes is prepared with peace
Hit the streets
Over these life beats
That wake you from sleep
Gather in the sheep
From these faulty shepherds
Leading you to death 
Come to resurrect yah
One God
One Lord
One Faith
One Baptism
In him escape a grim fate
Time to crossover 
accept Jehovah
Stand in Jesus
He will say he knows ya
Well done my good and faithful servant 
Come reign with me
Yes you do deserve it
You've been redeemed by my blood your purchased
Rule these cities for 100 centuries
Repeat Chorus