Love Song

It’s time to talk to you tell you a
Little bit about my story
How I met him
How I stand through which to eternity okay
At 13 where you rip heal me kill me
Speaking in that heavenly language it
Wasn’t English now I'm suffering
Confusion so I ran for seven
unforgiveness at me damn rebellion
Taught me a lesson to say this place is
In the arms of my maker ran game to see
Studied how to be a player like so many
Men was a slave to sin pornographic lies
Maybe hate women until you stepped in cleanse me
Now I'm in a frenzy used to live life
Like it's all about da vinci man still
Bugged out on how you say to me refresh
Life than my spirit man crazy
I'm grateful grace James miners eyes for
Being self-centered to rock and let
Drench the tire aspired to become
Exactly like Messiah through the power
Of the Spirit he baptized a fire on your
Love slave aha and that's just how it is right?
I gave you my all
I need a shame
See you have been change and cleanse
You gotta give it 100% to my father you know what am saying? 
Let's get it with my past behind me the cross in
Front of me no fear in my heart cuz I
Know what it’s gonna be desire the
Nation’s I gaze upon your beauty soaking
Up in your presence until I attend your
Purity yeah ah reflect you in this herb
Trail the party with the angels open
Heavens your church builds in time
Warriors in love with Yeshua used to be
Bound up in chains now I'm a fool for you
See you at work in the hearts of my
Kinfolk co-labor giving gospel the curse
Of sin broke over lives we a bride
Preparing for your coronation I rise for
Down a royal nation serenading our king
Let our life song sing a sweet aroma of
Worship a drink offering your father
I'll go Papa I love you when we'll
Follow you all of my days in old age I
Still holla I love you aha yeah I'm totally saturated sold out
I mean I gotta give you my all I mean
I'm in a boom to step on my father you
Know happens that's how it is
The King of Kings Messiah comes on
Ever been in love with somebody got you smashed out nose 
Wide open head over heels here mapped out
Whenever you don't get to spend a little
Time with them it's how I feel about my
Dad why I'm spinning nobody loves me
Like the Prince of Peace who else can
Give me joy and heal all my disease
Nobody so I sing for you Jesus praise your name
A thousand generations and season worthy is the
Lamb slain raises Gresham Jesus awesome
In my life merciful even thank you Vince
Closer than a brother to me I pledge
Allegiance to Jesus the King of Kings I
Give him credence and it's just like
That I love you all my days just like
That yeah come on and it's just like
That I serenade you King just like that
I'm sayin all day
I mean what else can I say but I love you
I just want to be that ties into your presence turn more into you
Giving you reference in all my days my
Children’s children the singing the same song you know what am saying I mean
Let's run it I got a thought of my life
I got wasted last night on Jesus
Don’t get it twisted for that every day
Let the sweet smelling aroma ascend to
heaven receive my friends