Information about me - the artist and who you are supporting with your subscription:

Hello, everyone!

My name is Lucy Moore, and you have probably figured out by now that I am an artist. I love drawing and painting pretty much anything, but especially animals and most notably equines. From the depths of my memory, I can recall drawing and coloring animals of all kinds. I couldn't go anywhere without my paper and implements of creation or coloring books. Trips to see my grandparents and traveling with my parents were spent on the 5.5-7+ hour car rides with a big cookie tin next to me filled with crayons and me lost in my own world only to come back to reality occasionally to ask "are we there yet".

I came by art naturally as a child. Both my parents were artists of their own type. My mother a fine artist who supported the family with her art as a member of the art department at the electric company and also doing weekly art shows selling her pen and ink drawings, watercolors, and more. My father also did artwork and sold at these weekly art shows; his being metal sculptures, while he worked as an engineer. I grew up with this sort of "starving artist" lifestyle for the large majority of my very young life. When I was an early teenager, my mother took an early retirement/severance package from the electric company and set up her own studio. In the process of that, she returned to the weekly-ish art show circuit again as well.

As I went away to school for college, I had a determined in my mind that I was not going to do art because I was so much like my mother in every other way, I didn't want my family saying I was copying her with the art as well (I already looked and had the same mannerisms as her, was going to the same university as she went to, studying the same subject seemed to be just too much.) I went with the intention to be a biochem major (I loved science) and to go into Bio-remediation (saving the world using things like algae to eat oil spills, etc.)

College was a culture shock to me, and I ended up searching and soul searching, and finally after several other departments and just not finding my heart and soul in them enough to be happy for the rest of my life, I took my very first art course (everything to that point had been self-taught, or taught by my mother) and I was in love. I ended up with enough credits to major in both Studio Art and Art History, but I chose Studio Art.

Eventually, I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a degree in Visual Arts. My concentration while earning that degree was Studio Painting. After graduation, I never quit my art, but it has changed over time. I started experimenting and learning about the digital art field. I started providing my graphics services to clients as well as doing commission work both digitally and traditionally. I had to maintain a mundane 9-5 type job in the meantime, so sometimes life got a little busy and my art took a temporary back seat I always wanted to do more with it. I began focusing on it as a career in 2008. I have a background in oils, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and drawing, but I am self-taught as a digital artist.

Life happened after college, and there was a rather dark period for a few years where I got depressed due to the loss of my 3 foster children 10 days prior to adoption because my (now) ex-husband decided that marriage wasn't fun anymore and he didn't want to do it. He filed for divorce and without a thought to what it would do to the kids or myself, he and the State of Texas unilaterally decided to remove them from my care while they were at school. I never got to tell them goodbye, and I still had all their things, which was a constant painful reminder of what happened and it took me a good while to get past it. It was actually my art that did a huge amount for my therapy towards coming back to the "land of the living". Over the last 8 years, I started a business ( Interlocked Solutions) and created art on the side. I really would like to have my art be more my day to day financial support and rely less on the business so that money can be saved for a rainy day, and the next big goal I have planned.

It has been years now, and I am ready to really get back into being a professional artist. I started with Patreon, but like many people here became very disenchanted with their activities and behaviors in recent months, and looked for an alternate solution. Enter SubscribeStar.

My SubscribeStar project(s), art YouTube channel (still setting up), and everything I do as an artist is controlled by a simple set of rules:

  • Be willing to shed some old habits. Erase what has gone before, take risks, let go, clear the deck, jump right into the water!
  • Agree to suspend judgment. The art critic is on vacation - toss judgment out the window. Nothing squelches creativity more than the daunting expectation of perfection.
  • Squelch the desire to do the predictable. Find new solutions to the dilemmas facing you.
  • Be brave enough to bring your life and life experiences into your work. There is something only YOU can bring to art.
  • Be bold and daring enough to make a meaningful statement.
  • Break the rules and take artistic liberties. Paint the sky yellow, trees purple, grass orange, and water red!
  • Have fun! Experiment with what you already know and extend it into the unknown. Liberate yourself from predictability and open up to the exhilaration of discovery.

I work full time as a business owner/Virtual Assistant, and I love my job - but my dream has always been to be able to support myself through my art. SubscribeStar is an excellent way for me to approach that goal. When it comes right down to it, I am asking you to pledge to help me create a dream, to pass on fun, creativity, and enjoyment to people of all ages, and to look at your pledge of any monthly amount as an opportunity to nurture and grow the arts in all its various forms. In the process you will get to interact with me as an artist, you can receive copies of the finished coloring books, and will get to download the art as soon as it is finished before anyone else has access to it. Every subscriber is appreciated from $3.00 all the way up. I look forward to sharing with you! I have many paths working towards the goal of my art is my day to day financial support. The coloring books are one part of the process, but my art sales is a huge part of it as well. I have several collections already started and I want to bring them as a finished product to the public. I also have a desire to create much more.

All of the money received from SubscribeStar goes towards my goals, social projects, and producing more art. Though my goal is to support myself and my family through art, SubscribeStar subscriptions will only be reinvested in the social programs and projects I have running. My website will be where I support my family from with my art. Have no doubt that the money you pledge to this project is deeply appreciated and well needed/used.


To be successful, everyone must have them. To be more successful goals must be shared, made real, and I must be held accountable. I am happy to be working here with you and so I want to share my goals with you. As each one is met, I will mark them completed and they will pop up in the goals section to the right.

These goals are for repeat monthly subscription levels (not 1-time income)! You can help by subscribing and sharing my Star page with others who might be interested in subscribing. Doing any of this is much appreciated and helps out greatly. The more people see what I am doing, the more likely everything will be successful.

$100.00: $57.76 down $42.24 to go!

Each month that I meet $100.00 I will be able to afford the time to produce 10 fully completed projects per month (coloring book pages, paintings, drawings, etc.) These projects will span the gamut of my works so that I can continue to grow and expand and reach new audiences. I will create a unique brush pack available to my subscribers to download for free. This pack will be made available for purchase in my store. I will be able to provide new photos of products in my store and begin listing individual premade one of a kind items with photos so you can see in advance what you get.


Each month that I meet $300.00 I will be able to guarantee productions of 20 fully produced pieces (coloring book pages, drawings, paintings, etc.) These will range the gamut of my work so I can continue to expand and reach new audiences. I will create a book monthly with all tutorial/informational videos, posts, etc. so subscribers can read/watch without having to log into SubscribeStar each time. I will hire an editor to help with video quality and production with the goal that all postings will include a high-quality video.


I will buy a GoPro Hero 7 (or the current affordable best fit product) that will allow me to do better tutorials for artwork. It will even allow me to do some special videos regarding life drawing/painting, plein air painting, and lots more for you!


Each month that I meet $1,000.00 I will be able to guarantee the production of 30 fully completed pieces. This will be divided into 3 main categories Drawings (10 images guaranteed) will be full suites of images for my coloring book series, Paintings (10 images guaranteed) will be in any painting medium, and "Other Media" (10 images guaranteed) will range from graphite or colored pencil images to digital images for a wide range of projects. I will add a tier for those wanting to have video calls where you can get constructive critiques of your work to improve and grow as an artist or learn as a beginner. I will purchase a iPad Pro and Apple Pencil which will allow for more quality artwork, even when I am on the go. (Currently, I use a Huion Kamvas Pro or a Samsung Tablet depending on what I am doing and where I am.)


When I meet the goal of $1500.00 I will purchase some upgrades to my equipment and accounts which will allow for improved photographs, videos, streaming, and interaction with viewers. Some of the things I am aiming at are better lighting setup (softboxes, etc.), green screen set up (better and more entertaining in my video setups), upgraded computer to handle better software (upgrade my Photoshop, recording software, etc.) and more, Since this will take a fair bit of time to get here, I haven't picked specific purchases yet, and will do so once I reach the 1,000.00 goal.


When I reach the monthly goal of $3,000.00 I will be able to afford to invest the time and energy into 10 fully completed images per day. This will be the time will I will be able to afford to be a full-time artist. Each day I will produce at least one of each category of art I am working on, and additional images ranging the gamut of my work to continue to expand and grow to new audiences. I will guarantee a daily coloring book image, painting in watercolor, oil, acrylic, drawings in pastel, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, a soft and hard sculpture, and more, producing a minimum of 70 images a week, and between 280-310 images a month. I will post composite images to subscribe star every day/week/month (so as not to spam you) and a full portfolio will be available via my website. I will add a tier for those wanting to have group video calls (podcast/google hangout style) with guest artists to learn from and ask questions.


When I reach the monthly goal of $5,000.00 per month I will be able to afford to travel to do shows, meet and greets, and on-site artwork of unique and special places to acknowledge events and memories. I would love to do a special series of artwork to commemorate my subscribers, friends, family, and followers and give them, their stories, and their lives immortality through art, storytelling, and photographs. This is a major project I want to undertake, but I need a lot of liquid cash flow to be able to do it.

Every so often I will have a random comment drawing, for a piece of art, a commission, or something, so make sure you keep your eyes on this Star Page. You won't want to miss out on any of the fun and hijinks, but to participate you will have to subscribe. That's the only way you will be able to see any other posts besides these introductory posts.