Information about my social services projects - the coloring book project:

Above you can see more about the personal project information about my coloring book project, but I also want to reach out to help others with my work. One of the ways I want to do that is with my coloring books.

As mentioned in the story about my coloring books, coloring is highly therapeutic and I have seen the effects of it personally and first hand (check out the story about my foster children and coloring in the post above), and I want to afford that opportunity to everyone regardless of where they are coming from. I also have a deep concern about children in “the system”, individuals in physical or emotional rehab (due to my mother’s recent serious healthcare issues, and concern for the financial under-appreciation of our educators, caregivers, as well as the dwindling support of quality art programs in the education system. You may think this is a huge range of causes to support, but I really do have a viable way to support them - with your help.

For each sale of a digital coloring book, any art produced from testing the coloring book pages or produced which inspired the coloring book pages, as well as products with images of said art, I will produce a print coloring book, package it with a supply of colors/pencils/markers (whatever is appropriate for where it is going) and deliver for free to special programs. If you buy a coloring book, you can put a special program on the list to get a delivery. To shop my art and products produced from my art check out my web store at Each item will individually explain what it does.

Prior to delivering, I will contact the agency/hospital/rehab center on the list, and ask them what is appropriate to provide for gender, age, skill, situation, etc. and I will allow them to place an order for types of coloring books (subject matter) and coloring supplies, to be delivered to them so they can be put to the best use possible. In this shipment, I will provide them a way to buy digital versions (if it fits their needs) at a deeply discounted cost. This way each purchase of the coloring book will share the therapy, beauty, color, and creativity to countless other people.

Where possible, I will deliver them myself, video the delivery and allow you to see your purchases hard at work and how much joy it brings to others. When not possible, I will blog/photograph/video as much as possible of the gathering process so you will know where it is going and what we are working on together.

Additionally, some of the coloring books will also make donations to programs doing work related to the subject. For example, one coloring book I am working on is of endangered, threatened, at-risk animals, and so a portion of the profits will be donated to agencies working to protect the animals depicted. Each coloring book has its own subject, so each one will be denoted individually where donations will be applied.

Information about my social services project: Art For The World:

Many of my physical products (clothing, bags, purses, home décor) have social impacts as well. Each of these products has different ways it helps the global community as a whole, so please make sure you check out my web store at To find the products that fit this program, go to the “Swag” category and shop there. Each item will individually explain what it does.

I have a couple more social programs in the works in my mind, and I will update this post as I get them more fully fleshed out and functioning.