When the Land Rejects you - Driving to the Rez - Episode 199 - Part One

At the Olympic Peninsula, we have been getting ready to deliver a workshop that teaches individuals and groups how to make a deep, informative and harmonizing connection with a parcel of land. Through the process of teaching the team of Mystics who are going to deliver this workshop, I found out that there are various aspects of connecting with land that are not known by the general population.

Topics covered in the episode:

  • Connecting with a parcel of land vs connecting with Gaia
  • Humans and parcels of land
  • Inelia's story with the ranch in Chile
  • Legal transfer of ownership
  • Energetic transfer of ownership
  • The Access Gaia event in April 2024
  • Owning Several Properties
  • Sentiency of the land
  • The deep and ancient connection between humans and the land
  • It is time to power up!

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