I'm a Fool
I’m a fool
I’m a fool
I’m a fool 
I’m a fool
I’m a fool for Jesus
A fool for Jesus 
A fool for Jesus
Verse 1
The type to walk up in your classroom
spit the gospel up in your ear like
Homie! That's true 
A fool for Jesus
A Holy Ghost Rider
Do it for Messiah
Spirit of Elijah
Young dude with attitude of victory
KOG home so don't try to pigeon me
Under your labels fables getting exposed 
Cant get caught slipping gotta stay on my toes 
Lets go to the secret place and get laced up
Face down you find me with my heart raised up
Turn the bass up we tear the place up
I’m telling young warriors yall get your weight up
Stay tucking heatery 
Not weapons of machinery 
My arsenal is heavenly so aint nobody seeing me
66Shooter use it just like a rueger
Yall ain’t knowing
He cleaned me inside out like Roter Rooter
I’m a fool,
I’m a fool,
I’m a fool ,
I’m a fool,
I’m a fool for Jesus,
A fool for Jesus, 
A fool for Jesus.

Verse 2
Guns drown out on me
Knives pulled out on me 
Bullets fired all around
Still no tragedy 
Even in the times when I was living wrong
Angels stayed close to the prayers of my mom
They respond with a quickness
Now I go the distance
Love lifted me out of prison 
Now I'm a witness
My conviction 
Got me spitting this wisdom
Rocking Gods Armor
Like you rock a fresh fitted
Get up in em with venom 
And split em wide open
In the name of Yeshua 
All curses and lies broken 
Yes my rhyme potent
Injecting Divine Potion
Demons is left frozen
Many called few chosen
Take risks by shifting minds 
Of men blind
Brand new paradigm
Scales come off eyes
Cant you see the signs 
Its time to get in line
While its daylight 
Imma stay up on my GRIND

Verse 3
Imma tell you what it means to be a 
fool for Jesus
It means you rep his name 
in front of nonbelievers
Walk in Integrity 
 leave the enemy 
Until the Sky splits 
when He comes back to 
Receive us
The Wealth of the wicked  
waiting for someone to get it
Work hard all the time 
sewing seed drinking liquid
Invest in replication 
through the nations 
did you get it
Discipleship's a must 
only reason why we living
The Sun rises 
cause he's building the ecclesia
To Inherit the Kingdom 
False Church deceiving ya
You eating from the media
trying to find the secret
Adulterous generation
Huh be careful who you sleep with
Peep this war cry 
sing it with pride
Put the track on repeat
let it get deep inside
He abides when we sign
Our lives over to him
He rescued me from death that's why i sing it again