Live Stream Today, 12 noon. February 14, 2024
Hey everyone, good morning! (At least it is morning for me.) Here’s a notification about the next two livestreams.
For today and next week I’m going to cover:
  1. Developing the picking technique to properly play Here Comes The Sun by George Harrison and songs like it…
  1. Learning the notes on the guitar fretboard by playing your favorite song.
I think I’ll talk about learning notes on the guitar fretboard today and then give you the secret to up and down picking for songs like Here Comes The Sun next week. I need a little more time to prep for the down and up picking session.
Catch me at 12 noon today, Mountain Daylight Time,  (7 1/2 hours from now) for the live stream. February 14. 2024.
See you later today!
Take Care,
Hal Stead