The Way

The Way is an energy filled musical injection of life, hope and desire for a greater reality. This album challenges the conventional view of what life is supposed to be about according to pop culture: vanity, popularity, self indulging pleasure and materialism. Painting a picture of what radical jubilant and celebration looks like with songs like "FOOL" and "He's A Keeper" while going more introspective and sharing pains and pitfalls with songs like "PROMISE" there is variety for the listener to identify with.

The Way is an invitation for the listener to reconsider what exactly they value, whom they give their allegiance to and whom it is they call as their heroes and influencers. 
 The goal of this album is to inspire the listener to learn of "The Way" the ancient group of followers that yielded their lives to the Kingship of the only one that was noble enough to give his life for their reconciliation to the Heavenly Father. 
Enjoy the journey and let me know your thoughts!