End-of-Month Update for April 2020: I have some new wax patterns ready for casting, and I'm sharing short clips of each step for subscribers.  If you want to see my latest project of setting up my miniature foundry for casting jewellery and other tiny items, all it will cost you is $1 per month.  Otherwise, you'll just have to wait who-knows-how-long for the full video on BitChute.  Remember, I take requests for projects, and although you don't have to subscribe to request a design from me, I do offer discounts to subscribers (which reminds me, I need to update both my goals and subscription tiers).  In other news, I'm finally getting into post-post processing of wargaming miniatures (colouring, to put it briefly).  This is starting with dyes for a base colour, this way anyone with a resin printer isn't limited by their resin colours, and after I come up with a substantial dye colour pallet, I will move on to painting.