Devlog 2024-02-02

It's Friday! That means it's almost weekend! It ALSO means that the wait for the next Infinite Stars release is almost over.

God willing, we'll have the release ready before Valentine's day!

The Beta tester feedback has started rolling in, and the results are fantastic. Everyone seems to love the upcoming content, and the majority of the issues are small and easy to fix. I have about two pages of beta tester requests that I'm trying to implement, mostly stuff like the option to react like this when that happens etc.

That said, if you are one of the remaining Beta Testers who hasn't yet played through the content and given feedback, time is running out! For those of you that have given your feedback, thank you so much! We're humbled by all the kind words and constructive feedback!

I don't have too much more to share without spoilers, but I can say that we're working day (and sometimes night) to get everything done! I'll leave you with this screenshot from Episode 4 while I get back to the tester feedback…