Trust Period

To all new subscribers,
When you sign up to this page (and it does say this on the "Star Stats" before you sign up) there is a 90 days trust period. This means before the 90 days are up, all new Subscribers will see only 3 latest posts along with posts published after they subscribe. Please also read the description for your own understanding of the Trust Period.
I will not change it due to the fact my tiers are cheap and not wanting my content to get stolen.

I was really hoping I didn't need to post this. But, because there have been claims that the Trust Period was not advertised (which it was) I need to clarify with this announcement.

Thank you for your understanding and lets have fun :D

Discord Server

Since I've hit 1K subbies on my YouTube channel, I will be releasing my discord server as public.

Please read all the rules before entering.

Because I've never had a Public Discord Server before, I honestly do not know how it'll go down. I just hope everyone has fun and be safe while being in my server.



Cupid Love Bunny Site

Original NSFW Merch created by Yours Truely!
Sold only to adults of legal age!
You have been warned!

Old Website (will be unavaliable on the 7th Sep):
New Update: The Cupid Animation/Cupid Love Bunny merch will be transfered to my main Cupid Animation website on a Secret Store Page that can't be accessed publicly to the internet and only people know the password to.
Go to the Store Page and input: Cup1dSt0r3



Don't mind the url XD It was the inital name I started this with before changing it to Cupid AA Club.
Plus I'm unable to change it which is why its still Cupid Animations XD

ASMR Colour-coded Guide:

Please refer to the following ASMR topics

Red = Romance Audios
Pink = Fantasy/Adventure Audios
Orange = Anime Character Type Audios (Tsundere, Deredere, Kuudere, Yandere etc.)
Yellow = Vanilla Girlfriend Audios
Green = Comfort Audios
Blue = Family Relationships Audios (Sibling, Daughter, Mother etc.)
Purple = SFW Kinky Audios
White = Other Audios
Black = NSFW/Spicy Audios (Spellbound Tier Only)

Whilst theses are all SFW Stuff, please read the descriptions for following disclaimers. It may include some cringe lines XD
Commissions are OPEN. Feel free to message me!