Fairies, Elves and Nature Spirits - Driving to the Rez - Episode 186 - Part One

An exploration and classification of Fairyfolk

Topics we cover:

  • Seeing gnomes and fairies,
  • The Shungite medallion - moved without Inelia's awareness
  • Inelia's "fairies"
  • Larry's visit on the ship
  • Faeries incarnating as humans
  • Elemental shamans and rez territory
  • Stepping into the astral at will
  • The Stick people
  • Seeding orgonite to accelerate the split
  • Engage in the light but don’t make strong connections with those in dark/ligh
  • It’s our responsibility not feed the dark/light paradigm because we’re powerful and everything is amplified
  • Not all guardian angels are angels
  • Your Guardian Angel and Your Entourage

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