I couldn't think of a more fitting song for the times in which we live right now.  Last week, my good friend Lisa told me that this song had been in her playlist and wanted to share that with me.  When I saw the message, I immediately knew I needed to cover it.  This song is all about helping one another with what we've got - even if we have nothing but our hands.

I don't know what will happen with this CoronaVirus pandemic.  I don't know how COVID-19 will ultimately affect all of us.  What I do know is that inside each one of us is the power of divinity.  We have the power to overcome, and together we can fight whatever comes against us.

God bless everyone who is fighting against this silent predator, especially all those in healthcare.  Be well, and be wise, my friends.  I hope you find relief, wellness, and love amid all this insanity.

Enjoy my rock cover of Jewel's masterpiece of the mid-nineties, "Hands"