Hello everyone! This is a public post for everyone visiting my SubscribeStar. I am currently focused on producing "Jane Smith: Wannabe Gladiator" on a weekly basis. I plan to crowdfund a physical release of the comic this year, and you can read a new page of chapter one each week for free on Webtoons. You can follow me on twitter @JaneAndAkira. I use the same username on Instagram and TikTok. My YouTube channel shows my art progress.

If you want to support me on SubscribeStar, I will include your preferred username in the thank you section of my YouTube videos (usually published daily). If you have not created a SubscribeStar account, use my referral link when you sign up and SubscribeStar will give me a bonus at no cost to you.

After I complete chapter 1, I plan to change my model for chapter 2, releasing pages first to my supporters. Until then, I'm focusing on finishing chapter 1 and building an audience for Jane Smith: Wannabe Gladiator.

Thanks for checking out my page!

I also subscribe to Humble Bundle and have a lot of games I don't plan on playing. Here are gift links for some Steam games [I will update this section periodically]:
[Updated 7-5-2020 all claimed! Check back later]: