Hailey's on It - Hailey explain it

me : " I'm not Sid, I'm Red. and I'm not being political. I never once in my life gave a crap about protected classes. that's why I find it weird when people do. "

Jessica's Big Little World - Jessica say it's Fine

you heard her folks. she says it's okay. don't hold back now, give her all the love she wants XD

Smarty Pants - JP and Zoe - Just Because

kids wanna be cool. there is four ways to be cool :
1- beat up authoritarian people who love to bully and restrict others.
2- be VERY chill and calm and maintain your temper and bonus points if you can be a smooth talker.
3- be extremely smart and physically fit and be someone who can teach others to be the same.
4- be wise and explain the world and how it really works and not be afraid of telling the truth.

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal - Melinda

imagine, a guy that is not a clown and is skilled and confident and doesn't simp and actually treat a woman the way she should be treated? what kind of magic is that?! XD

Vewn - Nothing to Hide (Bad Kid Stuff)

I'm trying a new art style. still need more training.

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