Hello! It's December 1, and I want to say three things today!

Firstly, in the spirit of the winter holidays, thank you to everyone who is here, as well as everyone else who has been here in the past! Your kindness has meant a lot to me, and has had a tangible impact on my well being. Thanks for supporting, voting, nominating, participating in my musical community, and simply for caring about my creations, even if you have not been able to participate directly.

Secondly, Novemeber's Ocean Force Point Temple song (from Starfox Adventures) is nearing completion. It's one that's been on the list for a while, so it's nice that it finally got chosen. That leads to the third thing.

I need to take December off. It has been a very difficult few months for me, both mentally and physically, and my body needs to recover. I hope no one will mind if I skip December's poll/track this time around. I'll be posting other songs and videos to my YouTube channel this month, but these are all things that I've already completed. The poll for January-February will be put up in the new year. I'll need a new track suggestions from some of you when the time comes! :)

Anyway, I hope you're all going to have a good December, whether or not you celebrate holidays.