Hello everyone, and welcome to my first post on SubscribeStar!


I'm having going through post-it notes as I work on book three in "The Korpes File Series as well as the series sketchbook" in a 'dancing-between-the-raindrops as my time is not entirely my own atm. My projected deadlines have all been pushed back to later this year due to real-life demands on my time (I'm caring for my elderly parents now), but things are still moving.

On with the post...

Here are a few of the many characters from my dystopian, sci-fi series "The Korpes File," as imagined/designed using the 3D figure printing software on Hero Forge.
I recently uploaded this to YouTube, but I thought I'd share it on Rumble as well (for those that prefer to avoid that place).
A caveat: I'm new to the video creation software, so it's not super polished - I'll get better with practice... hopefully. I suppose this post "outs" me as one of the old guard, hex paper, pencil, and dice role-players.