Posting on SubscribeStar

    Any post can be published instantly or scheduled for the future publication.

    There are few ways to schedule a time for your post to go public:

    1. Select one of the pre-set conditions (i.g. “Tomorrow this time”, “Next week”, etc) from the post options menu.
    2. Enter your own custom publishing time by selecting “Custom publishing time” from the post options menu. Now you can enter something like “in 30 minutes”, “tomorrow”, “in 2 weeks” and so on. You can experiment, but keep the timeframe reasonable.
    3. You can save your post as “Draft” to decide what to do with it later. 

    All postponed posts will be collected under the tab “Drafts” and arranged in chronological order.

    The content of any postponed post can be edited later as well as the date and time of publication can be altered. To do so, use a drop-down menu you can find in the upper right corner of every post. From that menu you can Publish any scheduled post immediately, Edit it or cancel scheduled posting by Deleting it.

    To accommodate for all possible situations, we also implemented the ability to change your Time Zone. This option can be found in “Account Settings” page. Please, use this option wisely and only in case when your equipment is exposed to the environments with Time Zone that does not correspond to the real time and you want to adjust it.

    All scheduled posts are going to be posted under the tiers they were assigned to.

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