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Norwegian Multi-talented Artist - I produce and perform my own style of psychedelic chill-out music. Next project is woodcarving Norse viking style.
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Black Oak

Black Oak tier will get copy's of my woodcarving drawings and 20% discount on my products

0 subscribers
per month
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Arborist Individual

This is for the people that want to support me for the fun of it. I will make and ship my ''Arborist'' subscribers a handmade ''thank you'' t-spoon from Norwegian pine. All tiers will get copy's of my woodcarving drawings for free and 20% discount on my products.

Limited (0 out of 55) subscriptions


  • Hand made t-spoon in Norwegian pine
  • Drawings and tips and tricks for you to make art with
  • Original Style and a face for radio.

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Star's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Star directly via Instant Messenger.
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