Greetings Citizen and welcome to the Officio Audiorum!

Here original cinematic music and sound design is being created, inspired by the lore of Warhammer 40k.

My dream and intention is to give all factions and aspects a unique theme. Just as if I were scoring a movie...a vast, endless movie with thousands of inspirational elements. So I have a lot to do!

So far my main contents are:

Main themes:

Ambiences of the Far Future Series - Ambient, atmospheric tracks on every Tuesday

Battle Drums of the Far Future Series - Heavy, drum focused battle music on every Friday

I have decided to start these series, and I have managed to keep the schedule and finish the Themes album as well. However I would like to do so much more, but this is still my dream and hobby, so I cannot put as much time into it as I would wish. I created this page, so that if You enjoy my content and would like to support or help me to keep the channel growing, You can do so here.

I would like to thank You all for all of You who listens, likes, subscribes, donates, downloads, and prays for the Emperor...

...who Protects!

Robert Renato, Vox Magos