Greetings Citizens, my name is Robert Renato, I am a freelance composer/sound designer, producer of Officio Audiorum project that is aiming to create original music inspired by Warhammer 40000 lore.

My intention with this project is to give all aspects of 40K a uniquely composed, original theme. Just as if I were scoring a movie. I am releasing an album very soon, containing some original epic cinematic music and I am also expanding the project with more content along the way, such as the Ambiences of the Far Future series.

I am only doing this out of my passion for creating music and love for the 40K Universe. So far this was "funded" by my savings and part time jobs, which has impacted the speed and effort I can put into music.

I created this page, so that I can connect with the slowly growing community that has shown interest in my work on the YouTube channel OfficioAudiorum. I am eternally grateful for all Your support so far. Each and every new subscriber gives me motivation and strength to keep going.

I have set up a Discord where we can have some discussions about certain themes, what you would like to hear, etc.

If you like my work and choose to support me here, I am thankful.

Every like, comment and subscribe is helping the channel and greatly appreciated! You can follow me on my YouTube channels, twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. I can`t wait to share more music with you all!

The Emperor Protects!