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Lord of Atlantis

Thank you for joining the school! You're the kind of viewer that wants to take their game to the next level.

At this level you have access to the Merfolk Strategy Guide and access to the exclusive Discord Channel

Additionally, you also have voting rights as to what archetype you would like to see next in the Merfolk Strategy Guide.

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Master of Waves

You want to be a MASTER! You've deemed my channel valuable to your growth and development as a player!

At this level you have access to all prior tier rewards.

You will also have access to a private live lecture each month that will enhance your understanding of Merfolk and MTG at a competitive level. Lectures are followed up with a Q&A. Replays will be available in an archive.

Lastly, I will mail to you a (one time) signed Master of Waves elemental token and Island as a token of my appreciation! Thank you so much!

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Thassa, God of the Sea

WOW! You're a God amongst Merfolk!

At this level you have access to all prior tier rewards.

Additionally I'll send you a signed Master of Waves Elemental Token and Custom Designed full art island every month! Thank you for being amazing!

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I am Merfolk Master Jonathon "Nikachu" Zaczek. I play the Merfolk archetype competitively for Magic: the Gathering at I play to win. I want my YouTube channel to be a valuable asset for your journey as you progress in Magic: the Gathering.

The Vision: Merfolk is tier 1 in strength, however, it is one of the most difficult archetypes to pilot optimally because of its endless complex lines of play; but the power is all there. I have achieved published results for years, striving to bring Merfolk back to Tier 1 status, but I cannot do it alone. If I can do it, you can do it. Collectively though, we can Make Merfolk Great Again!

The Mission: My channel's videos are dedicated to promoting Merfolk while equipping you with the knowledge to win. I want "fish" players around the world become successful. Every time you go play an event, someone is winning prizes or winning the tournament; why can't that someone be you? Since the creation of NikachuMTG, we have more Merfolk Masters supporting the archetype and community than ever before. I can guide you to become a Merfolk Master too!

My content includes gameplay videos, sideboard guides, individual card primers, Grand Prix vlogs, a Merfolk Strategy Guide, and general competitive MTG advice.

My channel is unique because I am devoted to playing only Merfolk. As the metagame changes, you'll have access to the latest competitive lists and fresh gameplay videos vs the most recent and relevant competition, all featured on Magic the Gathering Online. Most pros are not dedicated to a particular archetype and rarely do they concretely prepare you for all of modern. My content will prepare you for all levels of tournaments from FNM to the next Grand Prix!

Plus my channel is just plain fun!

Since the creation of NikachuMTG I've added other content creators to my channel like Andrew "Day 2" Dryden, (AKA: the burn guy), and Death and Taxes Master Jason "the Splicer" Simard to give more people an opportunity to learn from a dedicated authority on their respective decks.

I made this campaign in part because my fans have asked about supporting me, you are all so wonderful! Additionally, because I am a full time student, I would prefer to maintain the level and frequency of content I'm creating without it being interrupted for financial reasons.

Starcitygames sells premium memberships for $50/year but how much do you really benefit from their content? The pros switch their decks all the time and you don't learn your favourite archetypes at a high level with a deep understanding. Rarely is Merfolk featured by a pro, and generally when it is, the content is very shallow. I think my channel has a lot of value because starving Merfolk players get an in-depth insight into the workings of this archetype and a consistent flow of content to support your need for understanding it. Every day someone messages me about a new milestone they achieved: prizes they won, a top 8, reaching Mythic, or a tournament they finished first. If I can teach people to win prizes, tix online, reach mythic on arena, and store credit, then surely my channel is actually worth something.

Money earned through SubscribeStar will support:

Myself to keep the content coming

Other content creators that contribute on my channel.

Thank you very much to all my fans, it's your support that keeps the channel going! We WILL Make Merfolk Great Again!

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Current archetypes featured in the Merfolk Strategy Guide:

Amulet Titan (March 2019)

Hardened Scales Affinity (February 2019)

Izzet Phoenix (January 2019)

Krark-Clan Ironworks (December 2018)

Dredge (November 2018)

Bant Spirits (October 2018)

Mardu Pyromancer (September 2018)

Jeskai Control (August 2018)

Eldrazi and Taxes (May 2018)

Hollow One Aggro (April 2018)

Humans (March 2018)

Counters Company (February 2018)

Eldrazi Tron (January 2018)

Titan-Shift (December 2017)

Gifts Storm (November 2017)

Grixis Death's Shadow (October 2017)

UW Control (September 2017)

Affinity (August 2017)

Burn (July 2017)

Tron: RG, BG, WG (June 2017)

Jund (May 2017)

Infect (April 2017)


  • Nikachu wants you to become a master!
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