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Kobold Lair is a rogue-like RPG Discord bot game. As the developer of the game, I appreciate any support you're willing to offer to help to keep it going and improve the game. Thanks!
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Plebian Tier

Donors at this tier will receive the 'Plebian' title.

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Villager Tier

Donors get the 'Villager' title.

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Village Elders receive the 'Village Elder' title.

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  • SubscribeStar donors will receive in-game titles.
Kobold Lair
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This is the support page for the Kobold Lair Discord bot. I'm hoping to give people some options on methods to support the development of the game. I really don't like that my power/internet issues have been bringing the bot offline recently and would like to provide a more reliable service to my players. If you are enjoying the game, please consider sponsoring its development.

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