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I love cats, games, and learning.
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Currently I have just started to re-edit and copy my YouTube stuff over to BitChute.  I'm not seeking fame, viral videos, or wealth. I live in Japan and make videos to have a place where I can freely speak in my native language of English.  My content runs the gamut of rambling stream of consciousness things, some current events, personal experiences, gaming, things about Japan, my cats, rants, projects I'm working on (non-internet related), etc...

For now it is a bit difficult to setup a donation/payment system due to the differences in banking systems between the US and Japan, so I'm not sure if I will be able to get it correct.  Trying to do this stuff and banking connections are asking for routing numbers which we don't seem to have in Japan because checks, personal or otherwise, are not a thing here.

Anyway, for now, if for any reason you desire to throw any money towards feeding my cats (I buy their food and kitty litter from Amazon Japan) the easiest way is to send me an e-mail Amazon gift card (minimum amount is 15 yen, which is pretty much 15 cents in U.S. dollars).  The Amazon Japan link is: 


To set the language to English just hover over the arrow on the little globe next to the search bar and tick the English circle.  The e-mail to send it to is: [email protected].  I put money in my Amazon gift card as well to make sure I have what I need to buy cat supplies and any tools or materials I need to keep their cat tower in good shape, so I know it works perfectly fine.

I don't plan to put any content behind any kind of paywall.  If anyone requests any kind of content that would cost me nothing to make, then if I am able, I will create it.  If a request is made about something that would cost me money to cover I probably won't be able to do it unless the cost is covered (for example buying something only available in Japan and making a video about it, I'd need the money to buy the thing).
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