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Justin Wisniewski, Artist
Justin Wisniewski, Artist
Artist for hire. Creator of “WAR PICK”
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Justin Wisniewski, Artist

Hi there! Quick test to see how this works!

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Shout-Outs for Your Support

For this introductory level of support you’ll get great big “thank you’s” in my social media posts and videos. Let me start now. Thank you! You are really helping me out.

per month
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Peek into the World of My Art

For $5/month you’ll get to see the sketches and in-progress images that go into the creation of my work. This is the stuff that few people get to see.

per month
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Access to My Studio Activities

In addition to sketches, in-progress images and shoutouts, you’ll get to see timelapse videos that document my creative process. Everything I get is recorded and hardly anyone gets to see this stuff.

per month
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Hang Out with Me in My Studio

At $20/month you can join my live-streams and we can chat about everything I have going on. We can also talk about art, aesthetics and comics-related news while you share your thoughts.

per month
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Contribute to My Artwork

When I need an idea or a subject you can offer your suggestions or even send me photos of things you’d like to see in my work. Want to see your partner, friend, child or pets in one of my works? This is the tier for you. I’ll let you know what I’m looking for and you can contribute.

per month
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Collect Art from My Studio

At this level, not only will you get all the stuff from the lower-tiers, but you will you get signed, physical sketches in the mail each month. You’ll see first-hand how these sketches contribute to my artistic output and you might even recognize some of the imagery in my finished works.



  • Subscribe today and you’ll be able to see sketches, contribute to videos and more!

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If I can reach $50 I’ll be able to buy a log rack so that, should the power go out in my house during a winter storm, I’ll have dry wood to keep my family warm.


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