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JosiahRises is your #1 stop for movie news, reactions, and discussion videos from an honest perspective. Please consider supporting content creators who want to protect free speech and keep the mainstream media accountable.
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I know money is tight for everyone at some point or another. Even a simple one dollar-a-month donation can help a lot though! Thank you for your generosity!

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Instead of spending $5 on a soy latte, consider subscribing to me here and help me continue to bring you the SJW-Free content I do on YouTube. Access to exclusive videos from me, here on SubscribeStar!

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With this tier, get a FREE Fandom Menace Rises mug, as well as extra EXTRA video content from me, exclusive to you!

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Access to the PodcastRises, my new podcast. You will also receive a free Fandom Menace Rises mug, and exclusive video content.

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A chance to join me on a monthly livestream on YouTube. Access to the PodcastRises, where I will have on guests, talk about entertainment and politics and religion, and answer email questions from you. You will also have access to exclusive extra video content from me, and you will receive a free Fandom Menace Rises mug!



  • Exclusive video content from me discussing things I don't on YouTube
  • Access to my new podcast, PodcastRises.
  • Email me your channel link to be promoted on my channel description.
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