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Jamie Horsley
Currently a content creator on YouTube. I have been creating videos daily for close to a year and have gained a fan base with my reactions.
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Subscription Tiers

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Thank you so much for the support, in this tier you will get a song request every month, this does not include album reactions

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What a legend!

You are indeed a legend if you decide to pick this tier, because you will get two song requests a month and some more discussions about the songs I've reacted to.

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If you have picked the Superstar tier, you are definitely a fan. In this tier you will get all the privileges of a What a Legend tier but you will also get perks like requesting album reactions (you only can request one album). Your requests will be fast tracked in the top 20 lists of requests

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You will get everything featured in the previous tiers but also get five song requests a month and two album requests that I will definitely react/review each quarter of the year

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This is the highest tier and for those that click on this wow you are indeed a diamond supporter. In this tier you will get everything mentioned above but an album reaction once two months and six song requests every month as well.



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