Hi everyone! 
I'm Orla, I'm from N.Ireland and now live in Scotland. I've played Irish traditional music for many years and have collected multitudes of tunes in this time,.
On this channel I'm hoping to impart a tune or two a week to my subscribers.
Mostly these tunes will be jigs; some I will even know the names of and perhaps a little relevant background knowledge and near-useless trivia!

I plan to post individual tune videos interspersed with set videos of tunes I think go particularly well together.

This channel is likely to be valuable to you if :
1. You are a voracious consumer of tunes 
2. You are already proficient in your instrument- note this channel does not overtly teach technique 
3. You learn aurally
4. You don't mind my unpolished and unrehearsed nature. 

Let's play some tunes