Wow thanks!

Now that we have connected let's prove it by giving you:

-Access to the subscriber-only posts where I post details, WIPs, misc. art/animations, and anything else to supplement the comic!

-Votes on what I should draw when I get about 9+ patrons, including a monthly wallpaper!

-HD+Textless PNGs of the comic pages whenever they are released! Most Recent Comic Updates and Comic Updates tags cycle through the 5 and 10 most recent pages respectively.

-Whole Chapter PDFs of completed chapters! Chapter 001. out!

-Early access to comic pages, misc. art/sketches/WIPs before they are published anywhere else by ONE WEEK! All art here will be in higher quality as well!

-Access to the Discord I will make after we get at least 5-10 other people so it's not weird! A place to talk about art, the comic, etc.!