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We're seeing the so-called Deep State flex their muscles on ordinary American citizens, or at least people of interest. As this is happening, there's talk of Trump declaring a national emergency due to the amounts of illegal immigrants flowing into the country. All the while, deploying thousand of troops to the Southern Border. Some forms of justice still do prevail within America as sheriffs are disregarding gun confiscation orders.

We're seeing so many events take place that a normal human mind cannot comprehend the developments, and this is precisely why artificial intelligence is being deployed on the masses, to monitor what can't be controlled, only steered. The increasing infiltration and influence is becoming overwhelmingly obvious to people, just as reports are coming out of their involvement with paying teenagers for 'unfettered access to their data'; $20 dollars for your life. What will they do with that? Google's parent company, Alphabet, is using their subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, to monitor and replicate entire cities, so that they can better understand the population. People think this is science-fiction, but our world is quickly becoming more than even most can ponder.

All throughout this episode you'll hear bits and pieces of the concept behind the multidimensional human, and our true existence here on this planet. I believe that the times we are in, while they may not be etched in stone, may set the foundation for something greater. The Technocrats in power are vastly aware of the awakening that was supposed to take place, and now, they're manipulating it, engineering our awakening for their own purpose. Strap yourselves in, because we're right back in the heat of things!

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