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Throw me a buck

You can throw a buck into the hat, and I will thank and love you forever! <3

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2 dollah

You can also throw me 2 dollars. I will love you forever and ever, and mail you some Duerst The Wuerst stickers! Actually, I'll probably mail you the stickers at any tier, but whatevs!

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5 bux

Throw me 5 bux and I'll send you stickers, a thank you note, and include your screen name in all my videos if you so desire. Thank you!

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  • You get to support the most subversive channel on YouTube! Plus I will send you stickers, and thank you notes! Maybe put your screen name in the description of all vids! We can work it out!

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My YouTube channel just lost it's monetization because of the #Crowder #Vox #Adpocalypse bs.  Check out my page if you'd like to support me continuing to make content.  I'll flesh out this here Subscribestar page more as we go as well. 

We can't let these bankster funded, Silicon Valley tyrants take over the public conversation! 

Keep dissident independent media alive!

Follow me on #BitChute instead of #YouTube.  YT is dead to me now, lol:  https://www.bitchute.com/channel/OFJr8oJAXxC4/

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Consistently do at least, mmmm, I wanna say 1 or 2 trips outta town/month to cover crazy political/cultural events for my DuerstTheWuerst channel. (Flights, and Air bnbs are expensive!) Do more Duerstreams, and responses to other creators. Be generally awesome. This is a stretch goal obvs.


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