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Wedding Prep Advise | DJ Mark unloads truth that will save you time and headaches. | 1-time "Thank You" donation? Venmo me with your story to @withclassllc

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Dance Watcher

Sitting with arms crossed is how you party... buy hey, at least you're present and accounted for! Thank you!

per month
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No Commercials, I Love You!

You like the content and LOVE watching with no-commercials! AKA, the self-serving viewer-destroying commercial monetization running every 60-seconds that everyone dies from... High Five!

per month
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Dance Lessons Needed

You're up with LOVE but you've got two left feet. That's okay! Stick around and you'll definitely learn a move or two!

per month
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Dancing Machine

You're out there on the dance floor bustin moves, and you really dig my content. "Bartender, make it a double!"

per month
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Dancing on the Ceiling

You are a professional at being awesome, and we can't stop looking at your "talents." Please dance a little closer while I pray nobody can see me drooling.

per month
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Angles Do Exist

Everyone has stopped dancing to watch you as you take over the floor. There is no one that compares; you are a showstopper, and my hero.


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