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Hi friends, I’m John and welcome to Dice Paper Miniatures. If you love playing tabletop games, painting miniatures, and dig fantasy art – then it would be awesome to have you join me on this adventure! In addition, you will find content about game design, unboxings, reviews, and tutorials.
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Dice Paper Miniatures
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New NECROMUNDA HIVE WAR Starter Set! Gang Playstyles Discussion

Games Workshop recently announced the new Necromunda Hive War Starter Set will be available for pre-order on May 8th. In this video, I review and discuss the Warhammer Community articles that cover the different playstyles of the Delaque and Escher gangs.

If you haven't looked at this new Starter Set yet, definitely check this episode out and tell me in the comments below what were some of your thoughts on this new version update. And don't forget, these are now available for pre-order on May 8th!

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Dice Paper Miniatures

'Eavy Monday Ep 02 – Weekly Review of the Warhammer Weekend Pre-Orders and Previews, including Ne...

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