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The What Happened Moment

You will get an interesting compilation of screw ups, big mistakes, funny situations, almost criminal stuff, rotten people, sticky situations and sexual harassment(what not to do). Why are you getting this information? Because I am the high priest of the painful truth!

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The How to Moment.

Get ready to ask me questions on education, starting a business, career changes. Next I will give a information on how to get started in a call out to your passion. Just how to start it.

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Get'er Done Moment

Are you ready to complete your project? This is the get'er done moment where I will show you how to engage your passion into a usable career. Lets make it happen.



  • The What Happened Moment

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Please support my goal of 3000 dollars for my quest to support the community of diabetics that need support to get out and get fit. I developed diabetes over 20 years ago and gained 100 lbs. I know what it is like to be depressed when you are not physically fit.


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