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Star Lady Kelley
Star Lady Kelley
As a Depth Astrologer, Mythologist and StarGazer, I interpret cosmic cycles and choreography of the planets and stars. My teaching, writing and consultation work is enhanced by creative expression in storytelling, visual and dramatic arts.
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Cosmic Inspiration Newsletter

Your welcome support keeps these commentaries coming for New and Full Moons, interpreting current planetary patterns with imagery and inspiration in these amazing times. Take advantage of subscriber offers for special readings, webinar discounts, etc.

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Cosmic Inspiration Radio/Podcast

Link to weekly radio show (available for 2 weeks after the live show) and the periodic podcast version. Hear amplified interpretations of current planetary cycles, enhanced by intuitive insights and resonant references, writings, poetry, music, astrophysics and wisdom teachings. Periodic guests join me for a special treat. Your input guides the topics. I'll be gearing up for call-ins on the live show.

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Astrology Salon

A monthly forum for astrology lovers to talk our language, as we explore cosmic cycles in relation to our personal birth charts and life journey. Timing is mutable, announced in advance. If you are a self-study astrology enthusiast on any level, you are warmly welcome to join in this language immersion experience. Get in on the cosmic conversation.

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Creative Projects in Progress

Engage in mutual cosmic inspiration I have several projects in play, while also digging out earlier writings to share, infusing them with fresh relevance. I send you a range of writings, resources and art. I need your response and feedback. You also receive various exclusive discounts on classes, publications, etc. along the way.

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The Cosmic Feminine in You

Join a circle of goddess-lovers like yourself, as she emerges in our consciousness and rebirths our world, our solar system and our remembrance. Seasonal online gatherings, enhanced by one-on-one meetings, engage with old and new astrological goddesses that invite us into richer Self-awareness. We find them in our charts, our hearts and souls.

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Personal Mentoring

Deepen your astrology language skills. Together we develop an individualized study plan for you, exploring your own chart along the way. I’m keen to support you with my 50+ years of astrology background. From serving as a long distance faculty advisor in university adult degree programs, I know how guided independent study can support you on your path.

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Deluxe Private Package

Track your life and keep your life on track with Depth Astrology. Monthly one-on-one sessions bring ongoing insight and inspiration to your life experience. Astrology connects you with something universal, reveals you to yourself. The timing of your personal cycles helps you be more informed and at ease with your process. Stay at this level as long as it serves you. You can offer up to two of these sessions/year as gifts to others.



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  • Eternal and New Stories from the Stars tell of our collective quest for meaning
  • Individual and group opportunities to expand your cosmic awareness
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