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I'm a game developer, notably for Smile Game Builder, for which I create tutorials and assets. I also live-stream various games.
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Who's the Wulf?

Hi, all. I am Companion Wulf.

Many of you will no doubt recognise me notably from my Smile Game Builder tutorials on YouTube.

I'd like to continue with the tutorials, but also to produce more high-quality, more exclusive content. Time is a factor, of course, as I work nights, and I often try to burn the midnight oil to get everything done on my days off. Unfortunately, "sleep debt" will knock on my door eventually, so I have to pay it off (as with normal taxes). Haha!

What Do I Hope to Achieve?

My main goal is to be able to quit my job (or at least reduce my hours) so that I can dedicate more time towards game development in general. This means being able to focus on things like:

  • More tutorials and other video content.
  • More hours and resources for the development of my game Starborn: The Fallen (for Smile Game Builder), as well as other future games in several game engines and on several platforms.
  • Better equipment for better quality, including live-streams, game playthroughs and videos.
  • More frequently updated blogs so that the information can be regular and up-to-date.
  • And exclusive giveaways and competitions.

I've always wanted to become a game developer. Early in life, I went in the other direction instead. So thirty-some years later, I've returned to it and I'm just as passionate now as I was back then. To do this full-time is a dream come true!

Exclusive Content

All patrons (or subscribers) will receive access to some exclusive content, including free assets, discounts on my asset packs and access to patron-only "advanced" tutorials.

Patrons will also receive tier titles in the Smile Game Builder Discord server, as well as access to a private SubscribeStar chat channel.

Right now, my main target is Smile Game Builder, so the exclusive content will only be for this engine. In time, I do plan on expanding this to other areas, such as my novels (when they're published), so patrons will also gain access to exclusive previews.

Thank You!

In closing, I'd like to thank everyone who supports me - past, present and future - and want to let each of you know that it's greatly appreciated! I can't stress that enough. Without your support, I wouldn't be where I am today!

And with your support, it encourages me to continue doing what I love doing! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Subscription Tiers

per month
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  • Our heartfelt thanks!
  • And an honorable mention in future videos.
  • Exclusive access to patron only feeds here on SubscribeStar, where you can receive sneak previews of upcoming projects and assets.
  • Access to our exclusive patron only Discord channel(s) for discussion, extra game content and beta demos.
  • The "Advocate" role in the SGB Discord server.
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  • All perks from Tier 1.
  • Exclusive in-game content, such as "mature" content and technique tutorials.
  • The "Apostle" role in the SGB Discord server.
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  • All perks from previous Tiers.
  • Access to patron only "SubscribeStar Uniques" assets (including terrains and models).
  • The "Warrior" role in the SGB Discord server.
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  • All perks from previous Tiers.
  • Early access (with the discount applied from Tier 4) to games and assets 7 days before their official releases.
  • Early access to any game assets or packs I produce and a 50% discount code off purchases from the Gnome Treasure store.
  • The "Paladin" role in the SGB Discord server.
Limited (0 out of 30) subscriptions
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  • All perks from previous Tiers.
  • A unique quest-giving NPC bearing your name, where you can write the quest outline yourself.
  • The "Casteleyn" role in the SGB Discord server.
Limited (0 out of 15) subscriptions
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Corps d'Elite
  • A prodigious thank you!
  • All perks from previous Tiers.
  • A free copy of games and DLCs when they are released.
  • Your name featured prominently in future games and videos.
  • The "Elite" role in the SGB Discord server.
Limited (0 out of 3) subscriptions


  • Exclusive content, including videos, tutorials and graphics.
  • Exclusive subscriber discounts on any new asset packs I release.
  • Exclusive roles in the SGB Discord server to proudly announce your supoort.

Recent posts

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Public post
Going to give an update at the weekend, including news on the "Relationship Sim" game for SMILE GAME BUILDER, new tier structures and better tier-based discounts, free assets for monthly subscribers, and some exclusive stuff for all my subscribers!
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Public post

Tutorials Extra Bloopers & Beeps

The Tutorials Extra is a short, bite-sized series of SMILE GAME BUILDER video tutorials, created to bring all of my older tutorials up-to-date. Each one directly follows on from the previous one.

In creating the series, I had to edit out large chunks where things didn't go smoothly or where I struggled to say a sentence or when strange things occurred.

I decided to keep them and present them in some Bloopers & Beeps videos for my monthly SubscribeStar patron's amusement and delectation. Some of them are quite funny (although they weren't at the time).

I'll start collecting them and putting them in the first of, I'm sure, many videos soon! Watch this space!
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Public post

Ferewulf's Fables

I've been writing short stories for as long as I can remember, but none have ever published. Until now!

I decided to compile some of them into an anthology, a collection of short stories and poems  entitled Ferewulf's Fables, which is now nearing completion.


This will be published the end of this quarter and will be available exclusively from the Gnome Treasure store. The price is yet to be determined, but all of my monthly patrons here will receive an exclusive 5% discount code.

Exclusive Audio Versions

Also for my $15+ Tier monthly subscribers, I'll make audio versions (read by me) of some of our favourite short stories in the anthology.
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Henge Model Pack - Coming Soon!

Posted for $5, $15, $30, $50, $100, $250 tiers
Unlock Tier
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Public post

Market Pack Vol. 1

The Modular Market Pack Vol. 1 has been released. It's available from:

15% Discount

Monthly SubscribeStar patrons will receive a 15% discount coupon code on this pack, which is  usable only at checkout on the Gnome Treasure store.

To apply the discount coupon code, you must:

  •  be a monthly SubscribeStar patron
  • join the SGB Discord server

The discount coupon code applies only to this assets pack.

If you prefer not to join the Discord server, but you are a SubscribeStar patron, you can use the Contact Us for the discount (providing the name/user name you used at SubscribeStar).
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Public post

Modular Market Pack Vol. 1 - SMILE GAME BUILDER

The release of the Market Pack Vol. 1 for SMILE GAME BUILDER is imminent (next week).
Img. 1: SMILE GAME BUILDER - Market Pack Vol. 1

Subscriber 15% Discount

$5+ Tier Monthly Subscribers will receive a 15% discount code (available exclusively on the SGB Discord server). Subscribers will automatically be assigned a tier rank and permissions to access the channels, including private chat, when they join it.
Img. 2: Market Pack Vol. 1 - Screenshot #1

Pack Contents

The pack contains 50 models, each one designed to modularly fit together to provide more variety to your markets.

¶ More images and more details will be available on the Gnome Treasure store when the pack becomes available.

Market Stalls
The market stall models come in two variations: Clean (for the upper class or more affluent areas) and Dirty (for the lower class or poorer areas).

Framework variations are:

  • The base frame (including a counter)
  • The base frame (without the counter)
  • An open stall (with a counter and front frame)
  • And one with just the counter
Img. 3: Market Pack Vol. 1 - Screenshot #2

Also included are counter displays, which fit snugly on top of the countertops, although there is no additional content for these yet.

¶ Note that the shop stalls (shown in Img. 3) are not available in Volume 1.

Modular Canopies
Canopies for the market stall frames come in two distinct flavours: Striped and Canvas. Both have a Clean and Dirty version to match the ongoing themes.

The modular parts, which will fit snugly onto the frames are:

  • Top canopy
  • Back flap
  • Left side flap
  • Right side flap
  • And front flap

For convenience, I've also included full models of each with all components in place.

The Market Pack Vol. 1 contains a variety of barrel models:

  • Upright (with a lid)
  • Upright (lidless)
  • Horizontal (single)
  • Stacked (upright)
  • Stacked (horizontal)

There are also two versions of water to fill the barrel - full and halfway - which will fit neatly into them and which are also animated.

Boxes are an integral part of markets to store products. The pack contains the following variations:

  • Single (sealed)
  • Single (lidless)
  • A skewed lid that fits ontop of a box
  • A lid that can be placed on the sides of boxes
  • Stacks of boxes (both 2- and 3-layer)

And, as with the barrels, the boxes come with modular, animated water.

Wood Stack
The final model in the pack is:

  • A pyramidal wood stack 4 logs high

Release Date

The Market Pack Vol. 1 is scheduled for release some time next week (pending a few final tests and tweaks).

In the near future, a follow-on pack will become available that includes more content for the market stalls themselves.

Keep up-to-date here on SubscribeStar or on Twitter, where I'm most active, and you can also follow me on Facebook. For additional showcase videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel (which also includes SGB tutorials).
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Public post

Starborn: The Fallen Custom Menu Update #1

Development on Starborn's custom menu is ongoing, with a few updates and additions. Here are some screenshots:

Game Stats

The Game Stats screen shows various in-game stats. As the game progresses, these stats update accordingly.

Game Stats
Recently added stats:
  • Quests Completed
  • Bosses Defeated


Starborn also has an achievements system to reward game progress and give that sense of accomplishment.

This is the base layout for the achievements.
Achievements Layout

Once you discover them, achievements will automatically appear.
With An Achievement

How-To Tutorials

I'll release a tutorial exclusively for $15 Tier monthly patrons once the entire system is complete. This will include the menu itself and the sub-screens.
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Public post

Starborn: The Fallen Custom Menu

The base framework for my custom menu Starborn: The Fallen is close to completion! 

The video below showcases its final layout. I'll create another video later demonstrating the menu items functioning as they should. Only the "Game Stats", "Karma Score" and "Exit Game" are working at the time of this video.

A full tutorial will be available for $15 Tier monthly subscribers when the entire menu is complete.
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Public post

New Signs for Modular Market Pack

Here's an example of signposts assets. Part of the modular Market Pack for SMILE GAME BUILDER. There will probably a total of 18, but it'll also have them as shop fasciae. I'm hoping for a February release (probably March). $5+ monthly SubscribeStar patrons will have the chance of a 15% discount a week before its official release.
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Public post

GameGuru Medieval Horror Whodunnit Update

While I've been working in the background on my medieval horror whodunnit game using the GameGuru engine, accessible to $5+ tier patrons when there's some decent content to show, I've decided to defer development on the game until September. That's when they're launching GameGuru MAX, an improved and more intuitive version.

It'll cost around $50 on launch in September, but this month (February) there's a 50% preorder discount. I'm really looking forward to getting it near payday. Then I'll start transfering what I have already created to GameGuru MAX and develop the game therein.

As a taster, here are two in-game images:
The buildings are NOT medieval, as I don't have any yet, but when I do these scenes will be expanded much more!

Thank you for everyone who has supported and encouraged me!

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Public post
These are some of the features being implemented or which are planned in Starborn: The Fallen:

  • Book of Stats - Displays various in-game stats. ¶ Completed.
  • Quest Log - A log for all of your quests.
  • Monster Log - A log of all the enemies you encounter, including their stats.
  • House Building - You will be able to build a house at some point in the game, gathering all the materials you need to build it.
  • Crafting - You can gather materials to craft things like furniture for your house or upgrade weapons. This also includes farming, harvesting ingredients for food items and powerful potions.
  • Custom Menu - To consolidate the Book of StatsQuest Log and Monster Log, you can use a book to display a custom menu and cycle between them. (I might add more features and functionality to this menu later.)
  • Karma System - Choices matter in Starborn: The Fallen. Every choice you make affects your Karma score. Can you embrace the Light and become an Ascended or will you succumb to the Darkness and become a Descended.
  • Multiple Endings - Based on the choices you make, and your Karma score, you can obtain different endings. There are only two true endings though, depending on whether you're Ascended or Descended.
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Public post

Coming Soon - Market Pack #1

The upcoming Market Pack - Megapack Vol. 1 for SMILE GAME BUILDER will be released soon (no fixed ETA yet).
Hi-Tex Market Pack - SMILE GAME BUILDER - Coming Soon

This pack will contain almost everything you need to furnish a bustling market. From different styles of market stalls to their wares. It's designed to be modular so you can adapt your market to suit your needs, including side-flaps for market stalls and various products, all of which fit snugly together.

$5+ Tier Patrons will also receive an early copy (before its official release) and a 15% discount on its release price.
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Public post

House Building in Starborn: The Fallen

Starborn: The Fallen for SMILE GAME BUILDER will have a feature where you can build your own house, including its furniture and other interior decorations.

The video below showcases the different phases for building the house. It has been sped up for purposes of the video:

This is part of a larger crafting system, where you gather materials to build houses, craft potions, upgrade weapons and armor, and so on.

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Public post

 Book of Stats

The "Book of Stats" for my SMILE GAME BUILDER game Starborn: The Fallen is complete, now with a working Karma System. Decisions MATTER!
Book of Stats (with Karma System)

Each of the stats updates during the game. I’ll post more about them and the Karma System and Alignment later.

Game Development will continue with a basic farming/crafting system next.
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Public post

"Secret" Project

In addition to working on Starborn: The Fallen for SMILE GAME BUILDER, I also decided to start working on another project. I'm going to divide game development between the two.

Medieval Horror Whodunnit

This new "secret" game is going to be a medieval horror whodunnit using the GameGuru engine.

The plot is based very loosely on an essay I had intended to write for school (that's going back quite some time now!). I wasn't a great writer then, and was finding my own style, so I never submitted it. Years later, older and more experienced, I still remember its concept and storyline, which is slowly being fleshed out.

Exclusive to Patrons/Subscribers

News, screenshots, progress and updates on this project will become available to $5+ per month patrons.

I'd like to keep this a secret until it's ready for public release. Patrons, however, will also gain access to beta and early release copies, and other perks.

How You Can Help

Because I invest my own money into these projects, and am a solo developer, you can help with costs by subscribing or donating.

All the moneys will go towards developmental costs, including purchasing and producing assets (graphics and music). And with enough money, I can hire other artists to help out.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement many of you have given me already.
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Public post
*Starborn: The Fallen* for Smile Game Builder
I am currently working on *Starborn: The Fallen*, a game for Smile Game Builder.


Aanir, King of Heaven and Sovran of the Azhurae, forbade all Azhurae from intervening in Mankind's development, fearing that it would upset the natural order and balance of the Aether.

Some Azhurae disagreed and thought that Mankind should be taught the knowledge of fire, making tools and the properties of plants, and they conveyed their knowledge to Mankind.

When Aanir discovered their disobedience, he was furious.

A battle in Heaven ensued, resulting in all Azhurae in support of sharing their knowledge with Mankind being exiled to Aerth.

These became known as The Fallen.

What Is The Game About?

The game revolves around a mysterious young boy washed up on the shores of a beach. He is rescued by Taryn, a fourteen-year-old girl, and Garath, her grandfather, but remembers neither his name nor his origins.

So, having no memory of a home to return to, he is invited to stay with them for awhile and forge a new life in the peaceful farming village of Hamlet. He settles into the farmer's role happily.

Until war erupts and they are forced to abandon their homes and flee the approaching army.

After a series of harrowing events, the boy sets out on a mission to find the only weapon that can end the war once and for all. Here, he also discovers his true origins and must battle the forces conspiring against him.

Will the decisions he makes grant Aanir's favor so that he can ascend to Heaven again? Or will he submit to those dark forces and become a True Fallen?


  •  Custom models and assets.
  • A Book of Stats, Quest Log and Monster Log.
  • Random encounters, some friendly, some hostile.
  • Puzzles! These shouldn't be too difficult if a logical approach is applied.
  • A crafting system to create potions, upgrade weapons and armor, and build things.
  • A unique "karma" system, where decisions *matter*.
  • Optional exclusive "adult" content for $15+ monthly patrons.
  • Multiple endings depending on your Karma score.

Your Support

Your support with this project, whether a patron or a donator, is greatly appreciated and will help in the development of *Starborn: The Fallen*.

All patrons will benefit from some great unique content, including exclusive tutorials on how some of the in-game features are implemented, as well as some unique assets and models from the game.

Every little helps and will go a long way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Free "Subscribestar Uniques" Terrain for Subscribers

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Posted for $5, $15, $30, $50, $100, $250 tiers
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The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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to reach
This will enable me to fully upgrade my computer, including getting a new mic for better streams and videos.
This goal is to help with web hosting costs and bring everything up-to-date.
to reach
I will be able to quit my job (or reduce hours) to focus on game development and content full-time.
to reach
This is the *ultimate* goal for legal and processing fees for migrating to the USA. I already have something towards this, but being able to raise this amount (actually half the amount I need) will be a dream!

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