In this tier you will receive the following benefits: --Direct access to me on Snapchat --Ask me your questions on relationships/lifestyle/etc. --Get your questions answered on my Snapchat feed --Get a sneak peak of what's coming on the YouTube channel --Get a thank you in my YouTube videos

The main benefit of this tier is you can invest in your growth and I will push you in that direction. This is ideal for men who are younger than me or men who need help being themselves, becoming more masculine, etc.

The more questions you ask me, the more you invest, and the more you get in this tier. Growth isn't easy. It takes considerable investment and intention.

By signing up on this tier, you will have the opportunity to interact DIRECTLY with me like a friend/mentor. People ask me questions all the time, foolishly thinking I will spend my time replying over email or in a long comment. I have much better things to do with my life.

You can bet that by being in this tier, you will get your questions/requests answered first. Anyone else who tries to get advice from me over email will not be considered. This is your investment and I respect that.

I also post rants on Snapchat 1-3 times a day on various issues. If you enjoy the content on YouTube, you will enjoy this as well.