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Thanks for being part of the backbone that keeps my channel going.

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Serious commitment for serious people. Thank you.

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Big Guy

This tier isn't even as much as a you would spend on a bottle of wine, but I appreciate your largesse.

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Being a nationalist today means living with the indignity of betrayal and the shame of complicity, but also the hope of redemption.
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NEW VIDEO Connecting Nationalists, Building a Movement. WotW introduces an idea to make the lives of nationalists better and help our movement grow in the real world. https://youtu.be/bnyAsKcrnkI


  • The community of nationalist creators is an important part of our movement, giving an educational and motivational focus for issues that concern Europeans across the world. Supporting my work and that of other nationalist creators is a valuable way to keep our momentum going. I thank you for any help you are able to give.
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