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W.D. Lady
W.D. Lady
I've been struggling to find support for my books and comics, especially Flash Renegade, due to Big Tech Censorship. Got banned from Twitter. Then, censored by Facebook, Google, WP, etc. Looking for a place to call home, where there's no Islam, no Sharia Law, and Political Correctness..
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W.D. Lady

Flash Renegade is intended for Mature Audiences only. Adults 18 and up.

Flash Renegade is a satirical graphic novel that blends both space opera and tragicomedy altogether into one whole mix. It focuses on issues that are frequently ignored and its themes have been considered too taboo to speak about, such as religion, sex, and politics.

It's about a Jamaican/Asian woman, named Rho, whose name rhymes with flow. She just goes along with the punches. Flash Renegade, I mean Rho, may be the last of her kind in a very dangerous, hostile galaxy filled with alternate worlds. 

The human race is almost extinct, especially the opposite gender, and Rho wants to find a place where she belongs. She's 34 billion years old.

How is she still alive, you say?

It's quite simple really. Rho was chosen by the Almighty God Herself and given special gifts. One was the gift of everlasting life –– of immortality. To Rho these abilities, these powers, are nothing but a curse. After that, she vowed to never put her trust in God again. Rho is a pariah, an untouchable –– someone who is incapable of being loved. 

She's here to rid the universe of demonic entities: Islamic terrorists, FGM cults, child murderers, skin-ripping cannibals, sadistic knife-wielding dictators, psychotic false prophets, bible-thumping antichrists, bitchy fat fanatics, pro-Sharia feminists, lecherous popes with fangs, liberal democratic leeches, pedophiles, blood-sucking fiends, so-called religions of peace, suicidal extremists, serial rapists, and galore. All known as Parasites. 

Rho is the Fierce Angel of Death, a badass, and the Anti-Hero of this tale. She's not your typical bounty hunter and she's not politically correct either. Rho's considered the Most Wanted Criminal in the Universe. Her head alone is worth $900 gazillion credits.

As a cursed individual, doomed from the start, Rho is forced to hunt down and kill those who can never be reformed, sending them straight to Hell. These are the only ones the Almighty God Herself have forsaken and given up on. Rho wipes out whole civilizations and feeds on the blood of her enemies, the infected souls whose hearts are so twisted by evil, by hatred and greed.

Rho's main objective is to stop these Parasites from spreading across the universe, even if it means destroying everything and everyone in her path... even if it means killing the very one she loves.

She is nowhere near being the perfect weapon and suffers from a tragic past she refuses to remember. Her turbulent emotions still have a strong hold over her. But worst of all... what's left of her humanity?

Sabrina L. Patel

She's originally from New York. She will be helping me finish my project, Flash Renegade. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Georgia. She also studied music and has produced her own albums. She's worked as a music producer in television and has thirty years of experience in art and film. Sabrina can draw pretty much anything she wants... from realistic people, animals, and stylistic cartoons.

J.B. Rojas 

He was born in Austin, Texas. He's hard-working, sincere, and he'll also be working on Flash Renegade. He graduated from RMCAD, the College of Art and Design. He has a passion for Theater and has worked in the business for twenty-five years. Loves graphic novels and riding his motorcycle. J.B. is a Conservative, who hates mainstream media and censorship.

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