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I am a tabletop system game creator, my name is Charly Bellavance and I am making game systems similar to other popular games such as Dungeon & Dragon for myself and others to play and share glorious tales.
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Goat Games

Enibrium is progressing fast, I am now making a small bestiary and finishing the late game content before releasing making testing sessions which all subscribers are invited. I will share more info about my progress in the near future, I am sorry for the silence but I had work on my mind!

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Goat Games

Entropy, the spooky space horror game, inspired by the works of HP. Lovecraft and many other concepts, mixed into my dream sci-fi game. Played for years and turned into a badass action and horror setting with deep lore and strange events. However the book is to be updated and the art is old, which need to be changed!

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Goat Games

Enibrium, the Dark Fantasy game I am creating is my most recent project, made with a simple flat art design style and a simple system, available to all and open for extension in the future.

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Goat Games

Hello, welcome to my new Subscribestar page, made to support my independent work in the creation of tabletop games similar to D&D and various system. I have currently two games on my plate, one named ''Entropy'', which is a Sci-fi Cosmic Horror game, and ''Enibrium''', a Dark Fantasy Tactical Dungeon Crawler game. I am also an artist who makes Token packs on Roll20.net and try to do what I love!

Subscription Tiers

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If you want to support me but not pay too much, or you have issues with investing too much in new projects, please consider this modest first tier which still is a huge help in the way to success for my campaign! You will still have access to the Discord server and be able to ask and propose things anytime I can answer them or discuss with other followers when you desire.

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If you want to be a supporter, but a single dollar a month is too low for you, consider this humble tier. Thank you for picking any tier, but this one will allow you to have a chance to be part of test sessions, be able to suggest ideas and be part of discussions on the future of the games as well!

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High Roller

If you think my product or my efforts are worth more than the minimum tier, you can choose this option instead! Selecting this option would provide you with a special Discord role and more attention on certain topics and an opportunity to create content with me as an adviser and/or inspiration for future content!

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Dice Slugger

If you feel like you have money to do it, please consider this tier but do not feel obligated to select it, it is a privilege to have any fan at all who support your work, and any voice as weight in these projects. However, choosing this tier would provide you with a special role in Discord and have the opportunity to have personalised content, made to be added in books such as monsters, items and even quests which could be played with the creator (myself) on a virtual table in the future. (the playtesting is available to all backers of course, but supporting to this level would make you a priority pick for games!)

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Dice Lord

This tier is probably rarely going to be taken, and I understand why. However, if someone decides they love my work so much, they want to selflessly give fund to support me to this level, be my guest! This title will allow you to have a reserved spot on planned test games for new books or adventures, as well as having one playable race in one of the two systems made to your liking alongside my supervision, in one of the expansions books planned for both systems! This also incorporates all other previous tier advantages, of course.



  • Become a supporter of my humble craft, which takes much efforts and sweat to do!
  • Be able to join the Discord server to discuss the game and learn more about me and other projects.
  • Have a word, and be able to share insight on what the game is missing and have organic, sharing of information with me and be able to provide direct input easily to the creator for the future.
The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by donating – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.