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What I seek to do here is to unite the tribes, in hopes to bring real change. Building bridges, spreading ideas, mending divides, and putting boots on the ground to bring our dreams into reality.
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Just helping out

Helping me stay on my feet, put the time and energy into this wild project, and keep on the path of uniting the tribes.

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Mover and Shaker

You really believe in the message, you want this project to succeed, and you're ready to get involved in even a small way.

Access to exclusive weekly Discord chats. Updates to actions and events.

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Money to Light on Fire

I don't know why you'd be this generous, but it's appreciated. Will be in personal contact regularly.

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  • Access to exclusive weekly Discord chats
  • Personal Updates on actions
  • Merch (possibly, soon, we'll see)

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Unity Coalition
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Newest episodes of the Unity or Death Podcast are now on audio only platforms. Ft: 

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