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Undead Chronic
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Undead Chronic
I am a scientist gamer that is on the front line defending masculinity while dropping red pills
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Undead Chronic

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Red Pill Raider

The core of Chronic's Warband- The Red Pill Raider. Gain access to a special Discord channel where chronic will do special events!

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Showcase your nobility and commitment to the RedPill Banner with the rank of HedgeKnight! A true honor for any masculine individual!

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Chronic Housecarl

Being a Housecarl to Undead Chronic is a great honor for any RedPill Warrior. You will be able to give Undead topic/video to roast once a month and get access to the exclusive discord channel. you will also be recognized for your contributions via Discord Rank.



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Once this goal is obtained I will start investing and building Chronic's own website to host videos, and spread Red Pills!


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