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Hi! I'm Tyruswoo, and welcome to my SubscribeStar page!  By joining, you support the Tyruswoo Team as we create indie games and plugins, libraries, and video tutorials for RPG Maker, Minecraft, and BYOND!

On SubscribeStar, the posts with the downloads are hidden until you join.  After you join, all the posts and their downloads will be available to you!

Your contribution will support whichever project you choose!

Projects available to support include:

We've made game content and videos already! We look forward to making even more! If you like our work and want to help us bring you great video tutorials and cool game content, we'd be excited for you join our community!

The Tyruswoo Team:
  • Tyruswoo, Lead Game Designer
  • McKathlin, Software Engineer, Pixel Artist, & Musician
  • Shompta, Gameplay Balance Designer
  • Tartant, Writer and Level Designer
  • Okaachan, Lead Playtester

Thank you for supporting our team!  And remember, only you can build your dreams!

Your Adventuring Companion,

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Design Councilor

You join the Tyruswoo community!

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Adventuring Companion

Your support has 5x the weight in our decisions!

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Legendary Sage

Your support has 20x the weight in our decisions!

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Chosen Hero

Your support has 50x the weight in our decisions!

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Mythical Beast

Your support has 100x the weight in our decisions!

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  • Early Access to all my videos!
  • Access to my subscriber-only Discord server!
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