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I'm Tricia Johansson and I'm a 27 years old visual artist, musician and writer. I'm also an energy- and angelic healer. I started this page to fund my projects in music, art, writing & healing.
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Tricia Johansson
Welcome to my new SubscribeStar page! I created this page because I'm an independent musician, visual artist, writer and angelic/energy healer and all my projects costs money, which I don't have that much of. So I'm now asking my audience to contribute by subscribing to this page. I really want to focus on new books, new music, new arts and giving healing sessions without worry about money.

Equipments, web hosting, distribution, softwares, courses I take to become better... everything costs money. And I simply don't have the money to create as much as I would want right now. So I'm now asking for help.

In return, subscribers get behind the scenes, such as art time-lapse videos, music making-videos, vlogs, cartoons/comics etc for subscribers only which I not post anywhere else. I also offer angelic distance healing for subscribers interested in that, just reach out to me if you want to know more. I do also offer oracle card readings.

Please consider to subscribe if you have listened to my music or seen my arts or read my writings and you like what you have seen/read/heard.

I'm trying to keep the subscription cost as low as I can, but yet every penny helps me out!

My website:



  • Access to Behind the scenes, art time-lapse videos & music making videos not posted anywhere else
  • Angelic distance healing & Oracle card readings are offered to all subscribers who's interested
  • Get early access to Comics and Cartoons and also comics created for SubscribeStar only

Recent posts

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Tricia Johansson
Public post
I thinking about posting my series "Tricias Whiteboard" here. Before I posted these comics only on Ko-fi, but I was thinking about to move them here and post them only here for free. What do you think? Only on SubscribeStar? Only on Ko-fi? Both on SubscribeStar and Ko-fi? I want this comic to have it's own special place and I want it to be a bit "special" and I don't want it to be posted everywhere like everything else I do, lol.

Tricias Whiteboard 1: "Lack of Acceptance"
Which also is a song I've released on Spotify etc with the same name (published by Simply Avoranic).
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Tricia Johansson
Public post
I have been a little bit (or much!) lazy with this page. I'm sorry. I have a huge collection of behind the scenes from both music making and art making and I will post here more regularly from now on. Both public posts and posts only for subscribers. Stay tuned!
The illustration is one from my latest books (in swedish).

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