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Topher Field is an Australian Libertarian Political Commentator. Pro Freedom, Pro Individualism, Pro Human. Good People break Bad Laws.


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Thankyou so much for helping me reach my first goal! Thanks to you and other supporters I'm now in a position to improve my equipment and replace some of my older (failing) gear. This new goal is to help me be able to pay for an editor to cut up my 'slow chats' into shorter and more shareable segments to be uploaded to all my social media channels. I'm very fortunate to be able to have amazing guests on my Slow Chats, who say amazing things, and cutting these up into bite sized pieces will really help more people to be able to watch and be impacted by what my guests have to say. So please help me to reach this goal and together we'll be able to start pushing out a lot more bite-sized content for people, and really magnify the impact that I'm able to have through my work. Thankyou!

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