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Youtube livestreamer. Watch me drink whiskey and craft beer, and speak about what is on my mind. Each and every Friday at 8 pm EST.
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Hey, Thanks! You're Awesome!

This level gets you a hearty thank you, a free book of poetry, and access to subscriber-only content.

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"You Want to Donate HOW Much?" Level

Holy crap! Do you actually want to contribute 10 bucks a month to my follies? Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Please allow me to send you a free coffee mug to say thanks!

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"You're Just Messing With Me Now" Level

This has to be a joke. $20/month to watch me drink and ramble on? Have I died and gone to heaven? Seriously, I am blown away. Let me send you a t-shirt as a thank you!



  • Subscribers at this level will receive a surprise gift as well as one subscribers only video and blog post per week.
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When I reach this amount I can improve the content on Scotty Gee TV by investing in new audio and video equipment. I can also drink better whiskey!
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At this level, I can expand Scotty Gee TV by creating new shows (no, I can't tell you what they are yet) and further improving the quality of the content. Oh, and I can drink really good whiskey!

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